The Pelvic Floor Disorders Consortium (PFDC) is a multidisciplinary organization of colorectal surgeons, urogynecologists, urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, radiologists, physiotherapists, and other advanced care practitioners formed to bridge gaps and enable collaboration between these specialties.

Specialists from these fields are all dedicated to the diagnosis and management of patients with pelvic floor conditions, but given the differences in their respective training, they approach, evaluate, and treat such patients with their own unique perspectives.

In a multisociety-endorsed American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) article, the 24 members of the PFDC Working Group on MRI reached consensus regarding many clinically relevant considerations for performing, interpreting, and reporting MR defecography. Based upon the PFDC Working Group on MRI’s consensus guidelines, corresponding synoptic interpretation templates were suggested for this unique patient population.

The templates and techniques described in this AJR article can be augmented with additional radiologic maneuvers and report elements—specific patient indications, healthcare provider preferences, local practice patterns, etc.—“but the suggested verbiage and steps should be advocated as the minimum requirements when performing and interpreting MR defecography in patients with evacuation disorders of the pelvic floor,” the 15 coauthors of this AJR article concluded.