In recognition of MRI Safety Week (July 23-29), Metrasens, a U.K.-based provider of advanced magnetic detection technologies, is warning that many MRI rooms are still not safe.

The global MRI safety firm recently conducted a survey in which 36% of 162 MRI professionals polled admitted they are not compliant with the Revised Requirements for Diagnostic Imaging Services. The standards were released in July 2015 by the Joint Commission, calling for healthcare organizations offering MRIs to collect data on Incidents where ferromagnetic objects unintentionally entered the MRI scanner room and Injuries resulting from the presence of ferromagnetic objects in the MRI scanner room.

Ferromagnetic objects, such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs, can become lethal projectiles when brought into an MRI room. They are attracted to the MRI’s strong magnetic field and are pulled at rapid speed toward the machine. This has led to serious injuries and, in some cases, death.

Metrasens is releasing the survey during MRI Safety Week to help raise awareness in the healthcare community about solutions that are available to curtail such accidents from happening. The company specializes in ferromagnetic detection systems (FMDS) that identify dangerous objects before they come near the entries of MRI rooms and become a threat.

“The Joint Commission’s Diagnostic Imaging Standards state that hospitals manage safety risks in the MRI environment, but these survey results make it clear this is not being done,” says Tobias Gilk, a Metrasens consultant and MRI safety expert. “Without assessing and identifying the individual risks an MRI facility faces, managers have no way to implement mitigating practices and create effective policies that keep patients, family members and staff safe.”

“These survey results mirror what we regularly hear from MRI managers – namely that many facilities have struggled to develop an effective system to record these incidents,” adds Colin Robertson, senior vice president at Metrasens. “To help solve this problem, Metrasens has developed solutions such as the MRI Safety Manager, which collects and categorizes the data required by the Joint Commission. MRI administrators can use this tool to swiftly identify ferromagnetic activity trends and generate powerful reports.”

In addition to its ferromagnetic detections systems, Metrasens also offers risk assessment consultancy services for MRI facilities.