Integrated PACS/RIS

DR Systems Inc, San Diego, introduces its PACS software release 6.0 with an available integrated RIS that includes front desk Internet-based scheduling and document scanning, support for service codes and ICD-9 diagnostic codes, and practice analysis tools for management reports. The RIS module is designed to operate with the DR Systems LAN, WAN, and Web Dominator radiologist reading stations; the Catapult technologist workstation; and the Web-based Ambassador referring physician viewer application, which offers a unified informatics and workflow solution. PACS 6.0 features advanced 3D image processing; voice recognition; dictation; transcription; document imaging; automated output for referring doctors; Web distribution; radiology, cardiology, and pathology solutions; and related interfaces. (800) 794-5955; .

Web PACS Updates

Dynamic Imaging Inc, Allendale, NJ, introduces its next-generation IntegradWeb PACS with new tools and automated features, including 3D tools, image SmartLoading”, and SecureServer” technology. A selection of 3D tool sets, including multiplanar reformatting, maximum intensity projection, and 3D rendering, are accessible directly from within the viewing software. User-programmed processing protocols based on anatomical relevance, modality, and individual physician preference deliver utilization of 3D in the PACS environment. The SmartLoading architecture speeds display images in large data sets. The SecureServer complements existing features and includes a tool set to facilitate HIPAA compliance. (888) 303-PACS; .

Updated CR System

Orex Computed Radiography, Auburndale, Mass, introduces updated products and features to its CR system line, which combines filmless laser scanners and erasable phosphor plates, image management software, and a PC-based review station. The system line now offers increased speed and throughput of up to 75 cassettes an hour on a single scanner, and up to 150 cassettes per hour on a dual scanner; a range of cassette sizes are available. The updated CR system provides normal and high-resolution modes of 5.8 pixels/mm to 20 pixels/mm, an acquisition matrix of 2,000 x 2,500 pixels or an optional 4,000 x 5,000 pixels, and regular- and low-dose applications with speeds of 100, 200, and 400. (888) 844-7775; .

LUN-Aware Switch Platform

Rorke Data, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces an integrated storage services switching platform that allows companies to leverage low-cost Serial ATA (SATA) data storage in their current storage environments. The new switch features per-port processing that guarantees quality of service, per LUN. This means that mid-size and enterprise-class users can rely on wire speed performance, regardless of their existing mission-critical storage environment, and simultaneously leverage Rorke’s less-than-1/2-cent/MB SATA-based RAID storage for second-tier applications. Multiple synchronous mirrors can be created behind the switch to achieve a high-availability storage environment. (800) 328-8147; .

Diagnostic Web Viewer

Intelerad Medical Systems Inc, Montreal, introduces InteleViewer, a full-featured JPEG 2000 Web-based viewer. The viewer offers a radiologist work list for reading management; advanced connectivity with digital dictation and other enterprise productivity tools; customization for user preferences through hanging protocols; and lossless and lossy compression levels adjustable by modality to speed communications over all bandwidths. The company also offers new workflow tools and RIS interface extensions that enable order entry and completion, radiologist work list, digital dictation, and transcription. (514) 931-6222; .

Reusable Mammography Cushion

S&S X-Ray Products Inc, Houston, introduces the Squeeze-Ease Mammography Cushion™, designed by university physicians to reduce the discomfort associated with mammography compression. The radiolucent cushions can be cleaned, disinfected, and reused. They are lightweight and can be easily stored on shelves or in drawers. Each cushion consists of a thin outer plastic shell and an inner foam core that returns to its original shape after compression. The Squeeze-Ease is manufactured for both 18 x 24-cm and 24 x 30-cm imaging areas and in custom sizes to interface with all mammography systems. (800) 231-1747;

Mobile Ultrasound System

SonoSite Inc, Bothell, Wash, introduces the TITAN” mobile ultrasound system. The system’s engine includes three application-specific integrated circuit chips housed on a single circuit board, resulting in a compact, easily upgradable unit that can boot up in less than 14 seconds. TITAN’s capabilities include color power Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler, tissue harmonic imaging, M-mode, SiteLink DICOM, and on-board DICOM. The system features a triple transducer connect, a large LCD, an intuitive user interface, and a mobile docking system to facilitate handheld or stationary use. The mobile docking system also enables on-board storage and/or connectivity to internal and external information systems, including PACS. (888) 482-9449; .

Remote Control X-ray System

Philips Medical Systems, Andover, Mass, has launched the OmniDiagnost Eleva, a multifunctional remote control x-ray system. The OmniDiagnost utilizes Philips’ Eleva technology, which allows clinicians to personalize the system based on specific working requirements. Combining digital, CR, and conventional imaging applications, the Philips OmniDiagnost Eleva can be used in a variety of settings including orthopedics, gastrointestinal, pediatrics, urogenital, angiography/interventions, and traumatology. Like other members of the Eleva family, the system allows clinicians to conduct analysis, measurements, and reconstructions in the control room and if required, the results can be simultaneously displayed in the examination room. (800) 229-6417; .

1.5T MRI System with Short Magnet

Toshiba America Medical Systems (TAMS), Tustin, Calif, has launched the Vantage”, a new 1.5T high-field MRI system equipped with a short magnet. The system offers 30 mT/m gradients with a slew rate of 50 T/m/s (tesla per meter per second) or 130 T/m/s. Despite the short length of the magnet, the system delivers a full 50-cm-diameter spherical volume (DSV) (50-cm x 50-cm x 50-cm). In addition, this system is equipped with a new faster CPU platform, aiming to increase patient throughput as well as future upgradability. The system is available with optional packages for advanced EPI, functional, perfusion, diffusion, peripheral MRA, cardiac imaging, and SuperFASE imaging for even higher resolution high-speed 2D and 3D imaging or noncontrast perfusion and MRA studies.

CT Tube Technology Update

Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, Pa, introduces Speed4D technology, which represents a paradigm shift in CT tube-technology, dose, and workflow management. This new technology includes Straton”, a new x-ray tube. Speed4D  technology enables advanced utilization of multislice CT technology and integration of sophisticated imaging applications for use in clinical practice.

The compact design of the Straton x-ray tube allows for gantry rotation time of 37 seconds and provides direct cooling of the anode with all bearings located outside the vacuum. (888) 826-9702; .

Fast CR System

Fuji Medical, Stamford, Conn, introduces its newest digital x-ray system, FCR Velocity-T. The FCR Velocity-T is the newest product to feature Fuji’s patented Fast LineScan technology. By integrating the reliability and efficiency of storage phosphor as a detector in cassetteless digital x-ray systems, FCR Velocity products produce high efficiency in a digital x-ray room. The FCR Velocity-T, a cassetteless digital table that can perform general radiographic examinations, features a throughput of 240 images per hour, with the first image available in less than 10 seconds. (800) 431-1850; .

Multislice RT CT System

GE Medical Systems, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the LightSpeed RT, a multislice, wide-bore CT system that contains several advanced applications for radiation therapy. In addition to an extrawide gantry opening, the system includes the company’s Advantage Sim”, Advantage Fusion, and Advantage 4D” respiratory gating package.  The product also comes with Xtream” Technology, GE’s new workflow productivity engine that is designed to deliver rapid image reconstruction and real-time, gigabyte image transfer rates to review stations or PACS. .