Protective R&F Drape from AADCO Medical

Working to limit radiation overexposure from the use of x-ray fluoroscopy during diagnostic and interventional procedures, AADCO Medical Inc, Randolph, Vt, will showcase its sterilized disposable surgical drape at RSNA. The X-drape is designed to absorb the high-level scattered radiation dose emanating from the patient’s body during the imaging process. Able to be placed within the sterile field, the X-drape can reduce the dose up to 98%, according to the company. The X-drape is made from AADCO’s nonleaded composite radiation-absorbing material, X-Ban.
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Dual-Tier Corner Desk Cart from AFC Industries

Debuting at RSNA is the dual-tier Banana Corner Desk Cart from AFC Industries, College Point, NY. Featuring curved work surfaces and an ergonomic design, the cart is designed to maximize the accessible work area and minimize the footprint while providing flexible, streamlined height adjustment. With the touch of a button, both tiers independently adjust up and down, with the rear accommodating as many as six display mounts and a film illuminator. Available in a range of colors, finishes, and widths, the Banana Corner Desk Cart allows multiple users to share the same workstation by adjusting it to their own optimal body positioning.
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Advanced Imaging Workflow Solutions from TeraRecon

TeraRecon Inc, San Mateo, Calif, will introduce its new Aquarius iNtuition advanced imaging workflow solution at RSNA. This new platform architecture features an improved and more powerful central rendering resource in the form of the VolumePro 2000. Also, iNtuition provides radiologists, technologists, and referring physicians with improved throughput and a customizable workflow that can be tailored to individual reading and reporting needs. The system’s three-step workflow—automate, validate, and read—is designed to minimize the manual interaction required to bring a volumetric examination to the point where a physician can make a definitive diagnostic or therapy-planning decision. This unified workflow solution aligns TeraRecon’s platform for the next 5 years by taking the best elements of existing Aquarius 3D image processing, editing tools, and clinical workflow and molding them to meet any advanced 3D processing need.
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Medical Tracking Device from Ascension Technology

Ascension Technology Corp, Burlington, Vt, will highlight its newest medical tracking device, 3D Guidance, at RSNA. The device tracks the position and orientation of one or more miniature sensors, enabling real-time guidance of medical instruments during minimally invasive image-guided procedures. The sensors range from 0.3 mm to 1.8 mm in diameter and are embedded in the distal tip of catheters, scopes, and probes; measurements are not affected by proximity to intravascular ultrasound arrays. With a new customizable flat transmitter, the device works on hospital beds and tables with steel structures. Also, 3D Guidance meets Class 1 Type CF regulations for use within the human body and features DC magnetic-field–sensing technology to minimize conducive metallic distortion.
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Cone-Beam CT for Breast and Extremities from Koning

To be shown at RSNA, a new cone-beam CT (CBCT) scanner from Koning Corp, West Henrietta, NY, the Koning CT for Breast and Extremities, combines a cone-shaped x-ray beam, a horizontal gantry, and a digital flat-panel detector for volumetric capture. The CBCT system generates 3D images with true isotropic resolution for early detection of cancer and other diseases, and boasts the ability to do so at lower dose levels than standard CT units. Smaller, faster, and more flexible than x-ray projection imaging, the scanner is intended for breast, hand, wrist, foot, ankle, elbow, and knee imaging; image viewing can be either 2D multislice/multiplanar or full 3D visualization. The CBCT also offers a smaller footprint than conventional CT.
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Upgraded PACS from NovaRad

The newest version of NovaPACS from NovaRad Corp, American Fork, Utah, has been upgraded with new administration and referring physician viewer enhancements. NovaPACS V6.5—which will be demonstrated at RSNA—offers an administration console tool for improved sorting, reporting, and information gathering and viewing; the new system also features a “referring physician specialist viewer” providing the complete set of tools available on the PACS workstation to the referring physician. Also, NovaRad can now monitor NovaPACS installation in real time, enhancing support capabilities. Other enhancements include an optional CD/DVD publisher and printer, stat reads, and the ability to support multiple site codes. NovaRad also offers the NovaRIS 6.5 system, which integrates seamlessly with NovaPACS. Installation, hardware, maintenance, and training are all included in one price, on one contract.
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Unity RIS/PACS Platform from DR Systems

DR Systems Inc, San Diego, will present its new Unity RIS/PACS platform at RSNA. The system features new data conversion tools for legacy replacement, new image display methods for improved accuracy and efficiency, enhanced integrated mammography tools, improved transcription capabilities, and more. Unity RIS/PACS is designed to provide an advanced medical imaging and information management infrastructure for regional health information organizations. DR Systems also offers integrated on-site and off-site storage through a partnership with InSiteOne Inc, Wallingford, Conn, which will facilitate disaster recovery; the outsourced storage also provides an affordable alternative to the capital outlay necessary for in-house digital image management.
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Image Management, Storage, and Data Migration Software from Acuo Technologies

At RSNA, Acuo Technologies Inc, St Paul, Minn, will demonstrate version 5.0 of its DICOM Services Grid software solution. The upgraded system features improved reconciliation, distribution, and maintenance of medical image data to facilitate efficient workflow. The new version supports Wavelet-based JPEG 2000 for improved lossless and lossy image compression quality, Storage Commit for reliable delivery of image data, rules-based normalization support, additional modality worklist tags as per DICOM’s 2005 revisions, VPN-less encryption support, automatic RIS/PACS synchronization, conversion of HL7 reports to DICOM-structured reports for storage and distribution, SQL Server 2005 support, and more. Acuo also will showcase its IHE XDS and XDS-I functionality for cross-document sharing in the IHE Connectathon at RSNA.
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Digital Radiography System from Canon

The new CXDI-40EC DR system from Canon USA Inc, Lake Success, NY, is designed to offer rapid, filmless x-ray capture and to improve workflow efficiency for radiographic applications. The system—which will be showcased at RSNA—features the LANMIT 8 (Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT) and a 17- x 17-inch imaging area for capturing x-rays of varying sizes without adjusting detector orientation. It incorporates a Canon amorphous silicon flat-panel detector and a cesium iodide scintillator for effective x-ray absorption and high signal-to-noise performance. The CXDI-40EC produces high-resolution diagnostic images in 12-bit grayscale with 4,096 gradations; it contains about 7.2 million pixels at 160 µm a pixel. The CXDI-40EC is DICOM- and IHE-compliant, and interfaces seamlessly with PACS via a standard Ethernet 10/100 Base T connectivity.
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Integrated Breast MR Table from Sentinelle Medical

Sentinelle Medical Inc, Toronto, will highlight its new fully integrated table design for MR breast imaging and intervention. The Vanguard system offers improved signal-to-noise ratios on 4- or 8-channel magnets; signal-to-noise ratio can be doubled with Vanguard’s better patient positioning, closer proximity of coils to the breast, and patented coil design, and this change is reflected in both axial and sagittal images. Targeting lesions is easier during both wire localization and biopsy because of the table’s separate medial and lateral immobilization plates with 2° of freedom; the system also offers larger interventional grids.
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CT-Guided Biopsy Grids from Beekley

Beekley Corp, Bristol, Conn, will showcase at RSNA its new GuideLines CT-guided biopsy grids, which, according to the company, will save radiologists an average of 8 minutes per biopsy. Available in two sizes—4 x 5 inches and 7 x 7.5 inches—and made of medical-grade adhesive, the GuideLines are suitable for every biopsy scenario. Each grid consists of multiple nonlead lines with an open window between each line, giving physicians an easy and precise method for identifying the needle entry site. If the site happens to fall on one of the lines, users can simply mark each side of the line to identify the preferred point of entry.
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Ergonomic Monitor System from Broadwest

At RSNA, Broadwest Corp, New York, will introduce the new Rolloscope MD. Intended to ease the transition from analog to digital, the Rolloscope MD improves viewing conditions through its automated and ergonomic structure. Above one LCD monitor, 101 frames accommodate six over six of 18- x 24-cm films, four across of 24- x 30-cm mammograms. Above two monitors, three across of 14- x 17-inch MRI or large ultrasound films can be accommodated. The Rolloscope MD can be shipped with a removable mounting bar for the monitors and used initially as a film-only device; the bracket angles the flat-panel monitors into the console controls. The Rolloscope MD also boasts a “one touch system” for controlling backlight to the monitors.
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Small, Streamlined, Advanced Ultrasound System from GE Healthcare

Designed to offer advanced imaging capabilities in a smaller, more streamlined package, the Logiq P5 ultrasound system from GE Healthcare, Waukesha, Wis, will be showcased at RSNA. Mid-sized, portable, and easily maneuverable, the Logiq P5 also offers up-to-date image-quality features. The High Definition Speckle Reduction Imaging (HD-SRI) feature, for example, heightens visibility of organs and lesions with improved, high-definition contrast resolution that suppresses speckle artifact while maintaining tissue architecture. CrossXBeam spatial compounding enhances tissue and border differentiation with an exclusive spatial compounding acquisition and processing technique; 4D imaging captures 3D images in real time. The Logiq P5 is built on TruScan system architecture and is about half the size and weight of most console-based systems; its ergonomic design features a full-sized keyboard, hot keys, and user-defined keys.
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Specimen Radiography System for Biopsy Inspection from Kubtec

A new specimen radiography system from Kubtec Inc, Fairfield, Conn, offers a self-contained, shielded cabinet x-ray system for surgically excised and needle core biopsies. The XPERT 40 offers high-resolution, high-contrast x-ray images on either radiographic film up to 14 x 17 inches or in the digital format, using DICOM-compliant DigiView digital detectors up to 8 x 10 inches. A small focal spot x-ray source and adjustable sample positioning capabilities provide variable magnification, enabling increased visibility and sharpness of detail for lesions and abnormalities. The system also features a multicolor touch panel control for ease of use and safety, and it offers a 19-inch LCD. Other specifications include an energy range of 10 to 40 kV, flexible fields of view between 50 mm and 250 mm, 40° of x-ray coverage, a dedicated workstation, and up to 65,536 grayscale contrast resolution.
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