Unintended excessive radiation exposure from CT scans leaves facilities open to lawsuits, with the recent Cedars-Sinai events as a case-in-point. Protecting patients and staff is critical and new technologies are key. Veteran-owned RADeCO Health, Inc. of Sandwich, MA recently announced the launch of RADView™ CT dosimeter, a new monitoring device designed to monitor ionizing radiation exposure from CT scans of patients.

According to the company, the use of RADView CT dosimeters will help reduce unintended exposures during CT scans and assist in reducing patient exposure to radiation without sacrificing image quality.

The RADView dosimeter is manufactured in the form of a badge smaller than a credit card and contains radiation-sensitive film. X-ray exposure of the RADView CT dosimeter during a CT scan produces a dye that changes the color of the radiation- sensitive film in proportion to the dose of radiation. The company says the dosimeters have no electronics, require no maintenance and do not interfere with the CT image. Furthermore, according to the company, they are easier to use and less expensive than conventional and more complex dosimeters.

“Recent reports that directly link radiation exposure from CT to increasing risk of the incidence of cancer suggests that the launch of RADView CT dosimeter could not have come at a better time for the health care industry and the patients it serves,” said Paul Lovendale, CEO of RADeCO Health.

For more information, visit the company’s site.

(Source: Press Release)