Radiology has joined the iPhone revolution. Scintillate recently introduced iRADTECH, an application or “app” that can be downloaded by radiology technologists from Apple’s app store with the touch of a finger.

The app is specifically designed to assist technologists in positioning patients for diagnostic examinations. iRADTECH includes step-by-step instructions for 160 exams, including sample radiographs, pictures illustrating the positioning of patients, and detailed instructions and what to look for in the results of each exam. All of this information can be accessed in the palm of the technologist’s hand with a touch of a few buttons. The app is also useful for radiology technologist students as a guide and study tool.

The app is available for Apple iPhones OS 2.2.1 or later (this includes the Apple iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone Touch).

According to a company press release, one of the goals of the app is to make sure that an imaging study—whether it is routine or less common—is performed correctly the first time, thus limiting increased radiation dosages and keeping the department running smoothly.

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