It is common sense that the earlier breast cancer can be caught and stopped, the better chance that a patient will have to beat the disease and have a long life. A new weapon to help patients achieve victory over breast cancer has recently been placed in the hands of mammographers.

Fujifilm Medical Systems recently introduced a system that uses a-Se detector technology and small pixel size, yielding an image that has lower noise and higher spatial resolution. This means that clinicians can catch the smallest cancers while the patient experiences lower radiation doses.

The new detector, the Aspire HD (which is known as AMULET outside the United States), produces high-quality 2D FFDM images, using direct optical switching and 50-micron resolution by eliminating thin film transistors.

According to the company, the system also has ergonomic features that increase comfort and maximum access to the chest wall. The company plans to use the Aspire HD as the foundation for its future 3D applications.

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(Source: Press Release)