Web Distribution System
Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester, NY, introduces the Kodak DirectView Web distribution system. The system, which interfaces with PACS, provides these new capabilities: supports clinical review by physicians on dual-monitor, high-resolution workstations; provides both lossless and wavelet compression and conversion from lossy to lossless with a mouse click; delivers variable lossy compression rates based on the anatomy present in each image being downloaded; progressively downloads imaging studies in layers of increasing resolution; provides authorized remote access and supports automatic pushing of images to active broadband users; and is privacy-enabled to assist health care providers in meeting HIPAA privacy and security regulations. (800) 328-2910; www.kodak.com/go/health.

CR With Mini-PACS
Orex Computed Radiography, Auburndale, Mass, introduces the Orex/Onyx-RAD, a CR line with a fully integrated, advanced mini-PACS. The HIPAA-compliant product can send and receive DICOM files and burn them to CDs for archiving or distribution to referring physicians, and its viewer includes advanced features such as pan, zoom, and annotate. A masking feature utilizes advanced algorithms to provide state-of-the-art image edge enhancement. The unit also has a Web server option enabling Internet/intranet connectivity for remote image transfer as well as options for lossless and various lossy compression levels. (888) 844-7775; www.orex-cr.com.

Grayscale LCD Monitor
Quest International, Irvine, Calif, introduces the 5 Megapixel Totoku MD511L, a grayscale LCD monitor that achieves state-of-the-art video performance for all referral and diagnostic imaging, including CT, MRI, and mammography. The product exceeds the ACR standard for diagnostic quality resolution by more than 20%. It features a 21.3-in. LCD with a multi-coat anti-reflection panel that protects the display and provides a brightness and contrast ratio of 600 cd/m2 and 600:1, respectively. The MD511L is calibrated to the DICOM grayscale response curve, and the available calibration kit assures the quality of the monitor is stable over time. (800) 231-6777; www.questinc.com.

Clinical PACS Viewer
Intelerad Medical Systems Inc, Montreal, introduces a range of premium features to its IntelePACS Clinical Viewer, including features designed to enhance speed, work flow, and image manipulation. The IntelePACS viewer is a rapid-access Web viewer based on JPEG 2000 technology for referring physicians and other users. Among the newest features are: configurable, preset window level settings; configurable compression levels per modality; speed enhancements; linear measurements and regions of interest; cross-reference lines for CT and MRI; linked stacking for two or more MR series; integrated report viewer; and export of images to the desktop. (514) 931-6222; www.intelerad.com.

Web-based PACS Archive
NovaPACS, American Fork, Utah, announces the general release of the NovaPACS Enterprise Archive for fast image retrieval and extended storage. Developed for facilities with multiple locations, the system automatically synchronizes real-time storage of both the on-site archive and the off-site central Web archive, enabling secure image retrieval from any Web-enabled computer from any location. This Web-based archive is significantly faster than traditional DVD, optical disk, and tape archive methods. Storage size is tailored to meet the needs of individual facilities and can be expanded as storage needs increase. Facilities can host their own enterprise archive, or the archive can be hosted by NovaPACS. (800) 409-9346; www.novapacs.com.

Spot Compression Product
BioLucent Inc, Aliso Viejo, Calif, introduces the Spot Compression MammoPad, designed to make the often-painful spot compression views in diagnostic mammography more comfortable for women who undergo this procedure. The product is most effective when applied to the spot compression paddle and used in combination with a standard MammoPad, applied to the magnification tower or image receptor.? It is also designed to make breast positioning easier by creating a nonskid surface, which makes it easier to hold the breast in place. (866) 460-4141; www.MammoPad.com.