Among the companies helping to make nuclear medicine accessible to larger numbers of clinicians and patients is Royal Philips Electronics. Its offering of hybrid modalities is increasing diagnostic accuracy, improving patient comfort, simplifying workflow, and lowering costs.

The hybrid SPECT/CT BrightView XCT features full iterative technology, and includes new low-dose, flat-panel CT iterative reconstruction, improving localization through better uniformity and less noise, which enhances soft tissue image quality. Its wide-open gantry and large bore contributes to a positive patient experience. The system is compact and can fit in the same room as a small SPECT camera.

The GEMINI TF Big Bore system is a PET/CT system that combines advanced GEMINI TF PET image quality with Brilliance CT Big Bore performance.

Philips is also pioneering new hybrid combinations. Studies at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York are using Philips’ investigational whole body PET/MR imaging systems. These studies are evaluating the use of these systems for both oncology and cardiovascular applications, and are designed to take advantage of the soft-tissue contrast capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging.


(Source: Press Release)