For the last decade, Cardinal Health’s SYNtrac has allowed health enterprises nationwide with a way to track their use of nuclear medical imaging modalities. Cardinal Health has taken this decade of customer experience and recommendations and used them to create the newly released Syntrac Integration Tools.

The key features of Syntrac Integration Tools include real-time integration and operational efficiency. The integration tools can electronically pull patient-specific information from PACS systems, reducing the need to manually enter patient information multiple times, formatting it into an individual product order that can be submitted electronically, saving time and avoiding possible duplications. Operational efficiency is improved with the integration tools through the use of standard and customizable reports that track the types and number of procedures being performed, which cameras and technologists were used, and who referred the patient.

Administrators can also use the Syntrac Integration Tools to track patient cancellations, patient dosing, and waste.

The system documents health physics testing and compliance requirements from entities ranging from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission; state departments of health; and accreditation agencies, including the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories and the American College of Radiology. The system offers customizable alerts to notify users of accreditation and compliance deadlines.


(Source: Press Release)