partnership dealBaptist Hospital of Miami has agreed to purchase a VISIUS iCT system from Deerfield Imaging to add to their previously acquired VISIUS Surgical Theatre with intraoperative MRI (iMRI).

The sale marks the first intraoperative system sale for the new Deerfield Imaging entity, which purchased the IMRIS brand and product solutions on Aug. 12.

President and CEO Jay D. Miller said this important sales milestone is a significant step for the company and Baptist Hospital. “IMRIS solutions continue to bring the highest quality imaging directly to the point of therapy where it can be most effective,” he said. “We expect these modalities will further improve the outcomes for a growing number of neurosurgical and spinal applications and conditions.”

The VISIUS Surgical Theatre at Baptist Hospital will become the second operating suite in the world to have access to both intraoperative MRI and CT modalities without moving the patient. In addition, this VISIUS iMRI installation will be the first utilizing the leading Siemens Healthcare Aera 1.5T scanner. Initial iMRI cases were planned to begin this month with intraoperative CT installation planned in 2016.

“Baptist Hospital is nearing completion of the expansion of multiple areas, including its Surgery Center, which we expect will significantly improve healthcare in South Florida,” said Randy Lee, Baptist Hospital vice president and chief operating officer. “By adding state-of-the-art intraoperative technology to our new operating suites, we increase the flexibility of treating patients with more complex conditions. By giving our surgeons access to this level of imaging, we are advancing patient care.”

Both VISIUS iCT and iMRI transport the scanners to the patient and operating room table on ceiling-mounted rails within a hybrid OR suite. The VISIUS iMRI suite consists of three rooms, two for surgery with a room in between for diagnostic scanning. The VISUS iCT will move into one of the ORs and has a separate room when not needed for scanning.

With access to IMRIS intraoperative imaging, the surgeon can visualize, evaluate, and confirm surgical progress and results without case interruption and patient transport.