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Power-Generation System from APC

The latest version of InfraStruXure architecture from American Power Conversion (APC of West Kingston, RI) incorporates an integrated power-generation system. Combining a generator and an integrated automatic transfer switch with distribution panel, the system provides extended on-site backup power for healthcare IT environments and data centers. InfraStruXure integrates power, cooling, management, and services for the network-critical physical infrastructure.

Web: ?www.apcc.com
Phone: (800) 788-2208

CT Simulation Software from CMS

CMS Inc (St Louis) has released Focal 4.2 CT simulation software that allows 3-D contouring of an image from any plane via points defined on any transverse, sagittal, or coronal view-all of which can be viewed within the same window interface. Improved fusion algorithms enhance a clinician’s ability to automatically fuse difficult image sets for a more accurate view. The PC-based software is DICOM compatible and works with any other planning system in multi-hospital environments.

Web: ?www.cmsrtp.com
Phone: (800) 878-4267

Mini Ambulatory Gamma Camera from Euromedical

Eurorad-Euromedical (Le Chesnay, France) has introduced the Minicam, a miniature ambulatory gamma camera that provides imaging to surgeons before and throughout an operation. The Minicam locates radioactive-tagged tissues, such as sentinel nodes and tumors that emit gamma radiation within 1 minute. Featuring a cadmium telluride (CdTe) detector head and a g-Cam electronics module, the camera offers precision and accuracy to ensure a small incision. With included software, the Minicam system displays images in real time on a connected computer.

Web: ?www.em-instruments.com
Phone: (800) 631-3826 x404

Vision Appliance from ipd

Designed for applications that require multiple inspections based on independent views of the same part, iNspect is the newest in a family of prepackaged vision appliances from ipd, the intelligent products division of Coreco Imaging Inc (Billerica, Mass). The iNspect, which is shipped with all required software, hardware, I/O controls, and communication interfaces, provides a multi-camera machine vision solution with the ability to accommodate views and processing for up to three cameras.

Web: ?www.goipd.com
Phone: (978) 670-2002

Book on PACS Basics from OTech

Published as a resource for PACS administrators and anyone else needing an overview of this new technology, PACS Fundamentals, by Herman Oosterwijk, is the latest offering from Otech Inc (Aubrey, Tex). Oosterwijk is a teacher and trainer on the subject of PACS and connectivity, and his pocket-size book outlines the many uses of PACS, clarifies HIPAA compliance, and highlights the FDA approval process.

Web: ?www.otechimg.com
Phone: (940) 440-9530

Mobile Point-of-Care Systems from Planar Systems

Planar Systems Inc (Beaverton, Ore) has released the Invitium mobile point-of-care workstation family that enables hospitals to increase patient safety while streamlining clinical efficiency through enhanced maneuverability, dependability, and electrical safety. With a wheel base of 18 x 18 inches, the systems are small enough to fit into crowded patient rooms. And system batteries work for up to 8 hours between charges and communicate an on-screen battery gauge that details the remaining battery life. The Invitium line has fanless cooling to eliminate noise and reduce the flow of airborne contaminants.

Web: ?www.planar.com
Phone: (503) 748-1100

PET Viewing Software from Shared PET Imaging

ClarityPET viewing software from Shared PET Imaging LLC (Canton, Ohio) produces orthogonal views and 3-D maximum intensity projection of a PET study in different interfaces. This point-and-click application provides comprehensive information and multiple features of functionality to accurately display PET data. Plus, the software shows only the essential information, providing an accurate standard uptake value reading.

Web: ?www.sharedpet.com
Phone: (330) 491-0480

Lead-Free Skin Markers from St John

In response to lead exposure concerns, the St John Companies Inc (Valencia, Calif) developed Spee-D-Mark, a line of 100% lead-free skin markers used in mammography, oncology, and radiology. Made with the same adhesive and surface liners but featuring an environmentally friendly material to replace the lead, the skin markers can be safely disposed of in any trash receptacle. The Spee-D-Mark line offers three styles featuring a stretchy material designed for all shapes and sizes to provide added flexibility and adhesion.

Web: ?www.stjohninc.com/skinmarkers
Phone: (800) 435-4242

X-Ray Technique Calculator from Supertech

Supertech Inc (Elkhart, Ind) has introduced Model X of the Supertech Slide Rule for calculating X-ray techniques. The calculations have been updated to include the bariatric patient. Using the Penetrometer Phantom, which comes with the Supertech PB77 Kit, technologists take test X-rays according to the instructions. Then, using a view box or densitometer, the technologist compares the test results to the master film (also included), which provides the Machine Correction Factor. Needed adjustments can then be made.

Web: ?www.supertechx-ray.com
Phone: (800) 654-1054

Updated Version of RIS from Swearingen Software

Swearingen Software (Houston) has released version 4.0 of its RMS for Windows, a radiology information system (RIS) that offers new site/branch code capabilities. With this new feature, multiple branches of a facility can use a common RMS program and database that are running from one central location, which acts as an application service provider. RMS for Windows is HL7, TCP/IP, and HIPAA compliant. Other features include patient management and tracking, file tracking, scheduling, transcription, inventory, quality control, personnel manager, and more.

Web: ?www.swearingensoftware.com
Phone: (800) 992-1767

Touch Screens from Touch International

IRTouch screens, new from Touch International (Austin, Tex), are highly transparent, high-resolution touch screens that use infrared touch technology to provide a stable, maintenance-free, and calibration-free solution for display applications. The screens employ optical and mechanical designs that perform well in any type of lighting and operate in temperatures ranging from -41? to 70?C. IRTouch screens can be operated by any object-finger, gloved hand, or stylus-and require no pressure on the screen surface. Sizes range from 12.1 inches to 29 inches diagonal.

Web: ?www.touchintl.com
Phone: (877) 832-8292