Computer Backup Software

Bocada, Bellevue, Wash, introduces the BackupReport”, a computer storage system that collects, consolidates, analyzes, and reports on global backup operations from a single point across all leading backup applications, operating systems, and network and storage devices regardless of storage methodology and without requiring agents on backup servers or protected resources. All of the company’s software products are designed to help organizations ensure that mission-critical data protection systems reliably and efficiently comply with enterprise storage policies.? (866) 262-2321; .

Image Compression Toolkit

Pegasus Imaging Corp, Tampa, Fla, has released the PICTools JPEG-LS software development kit. This product strictly adheres to the JPEG-LS file format specification and provides highly optimized, low-level C libraries that offer excellent lossless and near-lossless compression performance over a broad range of images. It provides a low-level application programmers interface that offers control of image processing parameters, and the ability to programmatically set compression for lossless or near lossless and point transform. The product also provides compression and decompression of single component 2 to 16-bit grayscale images, and multiple component 24-bit images. Three modes of compression can be set: non-interleaved, line-interleaved, and sample-interleaved. (800) 875-7009; .

3D Software Plug-in Components

Cedara Software Corp, Toronto, introduces the Cedara Vivace, a new suite of 3D software plug-in components for examining images acquired from CT and MRI scanners. The Vivace allows equipment manufacturers to easily plug the new software into imaging workstations already installed in the field, or into new medical imaging devices. Once plugged in, the product provides physicians with the power of Cedara’s 3D imaging. The imaging suite offers four distinct rendering modes for better image viewing: maximum intensity projection; minimum intensity projection; shaded and unshaded volume rendering; and multi-planar reformatting. Also available is a point and click classification tool for rapid classification of anatomical structures in the medical images. (800) 724-5970; .

Flat Panel Display System

Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium, announces the release of the Coronis? 5MP flat panel display system with ClearBase backlight in addition to BlueBase viewing mode, both emulating traditional film rendering. The Coronis bundles one or more high-resolution image-critical LCD displays with a high-speed, 10-bit graphics controller and MediCal? QA management software into a compact digital display system. All systems can be used in portrait as well as landscape mode, with a high ratio contrast and luminance that makes the products suitable for both dark reading rooms and ambient light environments. (678) 475-8000; .

21.3-in LCD Monitor

Eizo Nanao Technologies, Washington, DC, introduces the FlexScan L985EX, a 21.3-in LCD monitor that combines Eizo’s? imaging technology with its SlimEdge thin bezel design. The product features an in-plane switching panel that minimizes color shift and provides wide 170-degree viewing angles. Brightness is 250 cd/m2, contrast ratio is 400:1, and the fine pixel pitch is 0.270 mm. At a viewable image size of 21.3-in and a native resolution of 1600×1200, it can display two letter-size documents on screen side-by-side. DVI-I and D-Sub inputs are also included for compatibility with both digital and legacy analog graphics boards. (888) 876-5293; .

CT Injection System

Medrad Inc, Indianola, Pa, introduces the Stellant” CT Injection System, a fluid delivery system designed to meet the most current clinical, safety, and ease-of-use requirements of CT technology. The product features a saline flush, pressure monitor graph, improved syringe design, syringe auto load, and the ability to upgrade from single to dual injection. Stellant’s ability to? precisely deliver contrast fluid under multiple CT protocols is critical to match the speed of modern multi-detector CT scanners, and for new procedures such as trauma, angiography, and cardio examinations. (800) 633-7231; .