New Products for the Imaging Industry

CFPM400 Medical Imaging Table from Oakworks

The CFPM400 Medical Imaging Table from Oakworks Inc, New Freedom, Pa, is designed to accommodate mobile C-Arm and ceiling imaging systems. Offering 56 inches of unobstructed imaging, the table is ideal for image-guided procedures in pain management, cardiovascular, and spinal diagnostics imaging treatments. It features a 22 x 84-inch integrated headrest carbon fiber top, mounted on a new low profile base. Secured with four locking casters, the table has a dynamic height range of 26 to 44 inches, accommodating low-height patient wheelchair transfers to maximum-height C-Arm mobility requirements for full lateral imaging. The integrated headrest top can support both prone and supine positioning requirements and the table has three additional ranges of motion: 10 inch (25 cm) manual longitudinal travel, 15º Trendelenburg tilt, 12º Reverse Trendelenburg tilt, and +/-15º lateral tilt while at the same time supporting up to 500 pounds (227 kg) of patient weight. Along with one hand and one foot control unit, other standard features include one radiolucent tabletop pad, one crescent face rest pad, two supine cranial pads, and a padded safety strap.

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Nio Color 3MP from Barco

Belgium-based Barco has upgraded its Nio Color 3MP diagnostic display system to a version that features a high-bright LCD panel, aiming to offer new possibilities for radiologists to read their multimodality studies with more accuracy. A visualization solution ideal for 3D PACS, 3D echo, ultrasound, orthopedic imaging, CAD, image fusion, nuclear medicine, and PET, the system sports a high-bright luminance of 400 cd/m² (calibrated) throughout its entire lifetime and a built-in system for uniformity correction, which enhances diagnostic precision and facilitates compliance with regional QA standards. A nonreflective front cover protects the monitor’s LCD technology. Like all other Barco diagnostic displays, Nio Color 3MP comes standard with a 5-year warranty. It also is supplied with Barco’s MediCal QAWeb tool for DICOM calibration, quality assurance, and asset management.

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SpeechMike Air from Philips

Expanding its line of modern, digital speech processing solutions, Royal Philips Electronics has launched SpeechMike Air, a wireless version of its popular SpeechMike audio recording device. The product features include wireless functionality, a dictation microphone, playback speaker, dictation control, and PC navigation. Furthermore, software included with the device is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software, allowing users to customize SpeechMike Air by controlling key functions of the speech recognition software. Product design is based on a streamlined shape and enlarged function buttons that keep movement to an absolute minimum. According to the company, “push-to-dictate” functionality simplifies the dictation process, enabling the start and stop functions to be controlled with a single button. The SpeechMike Air system includes the SpeechMike AirPort docking station and SpeechMike AirBridge receiver module in addition to the wireless, handheld device.

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Skin and Surface Treatment Applicator from Xoft

Xoft Inc, Sunnyvale, Calif, has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for a skin and surface treatment applicator for use with the Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) System. The new product allows for the delivery of surface brachytherapy, including Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT). This latest FDA clearance permits the applicator to be used on any external or internal surface of the body where radiation therapy is indicated. Previously cleared for accelerated treatment of early stage breast cancer and endometrial and rectal cancers, the Axxent System also is cleared for use in the treatment of surface cancers or conditions where radiation therapy is indicated. The proprietary Electronic Brachytherapy treatment platform is designed to deliver localized, nonradioactive, isotope-free radiation treatment in minimally shielded clinical settings under the supervision of a radiation oncologist. The Axxent System is designed to deliver nonradioactive therapy directly to cancer sites with minimal radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

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PercuNav System Cart from Traxtal

Traxtal Inc, Toronto, recently introduced a newly designed system cart for the PercuNav interventional imaging and navigation system for soft tissue. Developed to improve workflow, the cart sports a smaller, lighter footprint and ergonomic design. Additionally, it features an integrated control panel with dedicated pushbutton functions for easier operation and an optimized interface for assisted or unassisted physician operation. PercuNav, a GPS for medical instruments, increases the accuracy of interventional radiology procedures while reducing contrast, radiation dose, and interventional CT time, according to the company. The PercuNav system works with single imaging modalities such as CT, MR, or ultrasound and fused multimodality images including PET/CT and CT/ultrasound. It tracks the tips of flexible and rigid instruments as they are navigated inside the patient and displays the instrument position and orientation on preprocedure, intraprocedure, and fused multimodality images. The cart offers fully integrated support of all PercuNav 2.0 software features.

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Announcing a new generation of self-developing dosimetry film, International Specialty Products (ISP), Wayne, NJ, has released GAFCHROMIC EBT 2, an advanced technology that now includes a marker dye to support automated calculations of dose response using both the red and blue color channels of a flatbed color scanner. According to the company, the new film represents an improvement over GAFCHROMIC EBT, introduced in 2004, in the area of uniformity because the response value derived from the marker dye provides a reference level for the performance of the film. The marker dye will allow the FilmQA Verification Software, designed in conjunction with the film, to assess the response values from the blue color channel of a flatbed color scanner and support uniformity through a series of automated calculations. EBT-2 film will be available in 8 x 10 inch and 14 x 17 inch sheet formats. In contrast to conventional silver halide films, GAFCHROMIC films do not require postexposure development or protection from light sources. The company says this is convenient because users may easily cut the film sheets to any shape or size. The film also may be immersed in water, making it viable for use with water phantoms.

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