New Products for the Imaging Industry

PACSHealth Monitoring Tool from PACSHealth

Developed to improve radiology department efficiency and data accuracy, PACSHealth 2.5 from PACSHealth LLC, Scottsdale, Ariz, is a Mission Critical clinical application monitoring tool that provides a real-time global PACS monitoring dashboard. It has the functionality to identify and report internal database and RIS/PACS data consistency errors, and it implements a user-focused Audit Log/HIPAA transaction reporting engine to allow full disclosure of all system events. Furthermore, it lets users proactively monitor their PACS’ health, as well as identify possibly erroneous data before it reaches clinical settings. New features in this latest edition of PACSHealth include PACSHealth Alerts, an enhanced e-mail notification tool; PACSHealth Score, based on weighted contributions from system- and user-caused anomalies; and Three Tier Security Access.

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Miser Contrast Management System from Merit

A critical part of diagnostic and interventional angiographic procedures, the Miser Contrast management system from Merit Medical, South Jordan, Utah, offers a complete solution for all contrast management needs. The Miser is a high-quality, cost-effective device that improves patient safety, provides a user-friendly setup and prep, and decreases procedural time. According to Merit, the product’s proprietary design reduces contrast waste and allows health care facilities to take advantage of contrast volume discount pricing. It also minimizes time-consuming bottle changes. Merit offers several contrast management configurations to facilitate savings in cardiology, radiology, and CT imaging centers.

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T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer from Bionix Radiation Therapy

Bionix Radiation Therapy, Toledo, Ohio, has released a cost-effective, MR-compatible headboard with carbon fiber-like attenuation. The newly redesigned T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer provides a durable, lightweight material that can be used in MR imaging and simulation, then transitioned to the treatment room. The new headboard also easily accommodates most thermoplastic masks and head supports. According to the company, the T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer offers an attractive selling price, 3-year warranty, lightweight design, and MR compatibility. Accommodating both reusable and disposable frames, the product is used for supine positioning and comes with low-profile clamps that allow for unobstructed lateral treatment of patients. It uses both 9 x 10 and 10 x 12 frames. The T-Form line features four immediately available products, including the Prone Breast System, Pelvis Belly Plus System, T-Form Head & Neck, and the T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter.

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TenderTouch from Beekley Corp

Beekley Corp, Bristol, Conn, has released TenderTouch foam padded tape, which is used to protect the rough edges on thermoplastic masks. According to Beekley, when masks have to be cut for comfort, claustrophobia, bite blocks, electron fields, tracheotomies, and bolus insertion, the process can scrap and scratch the patient’s nose, mouth, eyes, forehead, chin, neck, ears, and/or cheeks. Patients may be put on steroids, which causes facial swelling and adds to the discomfort. Designed for patient comfort, the tape is an alternative to traditional paper, silk, and cloth tapes, which are thin, require overlapping to achieve padding, wrinkle up, and tend to come off during the 6- to 8-week treatment period. TenderTouch tape has been clinically tested and comes with a dosimetry report confirming that the bolus effect of the product is insignificant and will not attenuate the beam during treatment.


TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Device from Fluke

Fluke Biomedical, Cleveland, has released its second instructional product video demonstrating the company’s TNT 12000 X-Ray Test Device. According to Fluke, the new x-ray maintenance, calibration, and quality-assurance tool for service and radiation management professionals is equally suited for the most complex analysis that might be required by a physicist, the quality analysis of the biomedical engineer, and the routine needs of a state or local inspector. Along with the TNT 12000 instructional video, Fluke Biomedical has launched Flash demonstrations, Webex conferences, and electronic return-on-investment calculators to help customers before and after their purchases. To view the TNT 12000 instructional video and other Fluke Biomedical electronic-support media, visit the Fluke Biomedical Web site.

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AcSelerate from FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA

FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA Inc, Stamford, Conn, introduces a sophisticated flat-panel DR system, called the FDR AcSelerate, that aims to revolutionize the capabilities of flat panel detectors. The product uses amorphous selenium direct image capture technology to generate general radiographic images. Representing the company’s next-generation digital x-ray capture technology, the AcSelerate features the only direct detector for general radiography applications available today, according to Fujifilm. The company increased the thickness of the amorphous selenium layer, which brought about higher sensitivity and better conversion efficiency. The system’s x-ray component is a fully automated table and upright system with a lightweight ergonomic design. AcSelerate performs nearly any general radiology exam using fully automated features, which seeks to reduce physical stress and repetitive injury to technologists.

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