Siemens Healthcare has received FDA clearance for its Multix Select DR, a floor-mounted digital radiography system intended to perform most clinical radiography examinations in a cost-effective manner.

“The Multix Select DR enables smaller hospitals and imaging centers with limited budgets and square footage to dispense with the burdens of film and cramped archives and embrace the many benefits of DR,” said Laurie Fisher, vice president of X-ray products for Siemens Healthcare. “With the Multix Select DR, these customers can benefit from an attractively priced, space-conserving, floor-mounted DR system capable of performing a wide range of examinations using selected features from Siemens’ premium X-ray products.”

The system offers a 14 x 17-inch mobile flat-panel detector to facilitate rapid imaging for generalized and specialized radiographic exams without repositioning, even for tall patients. A moveable grid ensures lower radiation dose for pediatric exams. The floating tabletop and wide, vertical coverage of the bucky wall stand enable imaging when the patient is standing, sitting, recumbent, or in a wheelchair.

The user interface, identical to those of Siemen’s premium radiography systems, allows users to select the patient’s name with one click and selects the organ program with the user’s individual requirements. A DiamondView Plus post-processing tool optimizes images for organ-specific examinations, while the Clinical Assurance Program (CAP) management tool provides documentation and statistical analyses of rejected images. The Exposure Index Monitoring (EXI) ensures use of exposure settings within appropriate ranges.

For more information, visit Siemens Healthcare.