Velocity Urgent Care in Connecticut has selected RamSoft’s PowerServer XU system to manage workflow at a second new facility in Southington, Ct. The system, a specialized version of the RamSoft PACS, currently supports operations at Velocity’s original Rocky Hill, Ct location. Velocity was founded in mid-2011 by Aleksandr Gorenbeyn, MD, and John Yaylagul, DO, who share more than 20 years of emergency room experience.

“Patients in need of urgent medical care rely on us to diagnose them quickly,” Gorenbeyn said. “PowerServer XU provides our center with the tools to make that happen.” The system is designed for facilities with in-house modalities that need tools to enable rapid local and remote interpretation.

“A lot of anxiety can build waiting for a diagnosis, especially in urgent situations, like those seen at Velocity,” aid Marilyn Solano, director of sale and marketing for RamSoft. “By providing our customers with tools they need to perform accurate and timely diagnoses, they can alleviate patient worry and develop trust.”

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