Carestream DRX-Revolution 400Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, has installed a Carestream DRX-Revolution mobile x-ray system, the company has announced. The system captures more than 100 imaging studies per day in the emergency department trauma bays and critical care areas. The 598-bed hospital earned the third-highest ranking for a children’s hospital in 2014-2015, according to the US News & World Report.

The system generates images for physicians and staff within 5 seconds, while specialized software creates secondary images designed to improve the visibility of PICC lines, tracheal tubes, and other medical devices in need of careful positioning. Pediatric software offers customized techniques and image processing guidelines according to the seven pediatric age/weight categories established by the FDA. The hospital monitors and reports dose for CT, interventional radiography, and x-ray procedures.

For more information, visit Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.