image_2014-11 Aplio 500 Platinum_ULToshiba Medical Systems, Tustin, Calif., recently showcased its pediatric imaging technologies at the Society of Pediatric Radiology annual meeting held earlier this month in Bellevue, Wash.

Noting that pediatric patients require specialized imaging solutions, Toshiba provides what it refers to as “360 degrees” of coverage, guidance and expertise to help keep them safe.

Products on display included superb micro-vascular imaging (SMI) ultrasound technology, which enables clinicians to see smaller vessels, therefore allowing faster, noninvasive disease diagnosis and expanding the utility of ultrasound. The company also showed its magnetic resonance scanner, with patented Pianissimo technology that significantly reduces noise and a pediatric SPEEDER coil suite that provides added flexibility for pediatric patients of a wide age range.

Other solutions included the company’s Infinix Bi-Plane and Infinix Single-Plane labs, designed by pediatric interventionalists to ensure pediatric patients receive the safest exams possible, RADREX-i digital radiographic X-ray RexProtect features, built for safety and lower dose for even the smallest patients, and advanced dose reduction technologies for computed tomography.

“Toshiba is committed to ensuring that pediatric patients have the safest imaging experience possible,” said Calum Cunningham, vice president, Marketing and Strategic Business Development, Toshiba. “By incorporating technologies that are aimed at reducing radiation exposure, creating safer X-ray exams, making our systems patient-friendly and more, we are improving pediatric safety and improving the overall patient experience

For more information, visit Toshiba.

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