Konica Minolta and Del Medical have announced a partnership to unite Konica Minolta’s AeroDR wireless panel and Del Medical’s x-ray systems. Effectively immediately, the agreement includes all three sizes of AeroDR panels (10 x 12 inches; 14 x 17 inches; 17 x 17 inches).

The AeroDR wireless panel is marketed as the world’s lightest, most compact digital x-ray device and includes a rechargeable lithium ion capacitor in a sealed cassette. The unit meets ISo 4090 standards and is compatible with Del Medical’s fixed digital radiography solutions, including wall stands or table bucky trays.

“With this agreement, Konica Minolta expands the market presence of AeroDR, a high-quality, durable, and wireless digital radiography plate that delivers exceptional image quality with dose efficiency,” said Joe Giordano, vice president of business development, Konica Minolta Medical Imaging. “We are proud to partner with Del Medical and believe that by combining our panel with their high-quality and economic imaging solution we can together address the imaging needs of today’s imaging providers.”

For more information, visit Konica Minolta and Del Medical.