Growth 2Radiology Partners, the largest physician-led, onsite radiology group in the United States, has announced that Canton, Ohio-based Radiology Associates of Canton (RAC) has partnered with its growing radiology practice. Radiology Partners’ group practice now comprises over 200 radiologists serving more than 140 hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers in seven states.

“We are pleased to welcome the outstanding physicians and support team members of RAC into our practice,” said Rich Whitney, Radiology Partners’ Chairman and CEO. “We believe radiology has untapped potential to deliver new levels of clinical value for patients and the networks of systems and providers that serve those patients. The physicians at RAC, with their focus on quality, integrated care innovation, and clinical value, will undoubtedly make an important contribution in helping us achieve this vision.”

Twenty-two physicians currently provide 24/7 diagnostic and interventional services to clients and sites in Canton, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Additionally, the newly formed relationship includes RadHelp LLC as part of its collaboration. Formed in 2013 by RAC, RadHelp is a consulting and patient-centered population management company. RadHelp works with radiology groups and hospitals to manage radiology departments more efficiently, in line with the American College of Radiology Imaging 3.0 initiative.

“Radiology Partners’ commitment to quality and established clinical programs provide a platform that will allow RAC to further innovate, measure, and scale in ways we could not do on our own,” said Syed Zaidi, president of Radiology Associates of Canton. “Radiology Associates of Canton is especially interested in clinical management initiatives, including the development of best practices and effective patient management. The result of our partnership will be the ability to deliver even greater clinical value to our patients, referring physicians, and hospital partners.”