MphRx MRI Use Case Diagram Significantly streamlining radiology workflow and improving communications, healthcare technology company MphRx, New York, will unveil at this year’s annual Radiological Society of North America meeting an innovative new platform enabling transmission of detailed patient forms, medical images, and records from any computer for review by providers and automated ingestion into an EMR, PACS or RIS.

Designed to support a full range of use cases, the new MphRx Forward generates a library of customized patient forms for completion online and enables upload of DICOM files, documents in a full range of formats, CCD data and more.  Along with radiologists, the new platform supports workflow for and delivers benefits to a full range of physicians. Forward captures this patient information as FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), making it one of the first production implementations of this new standard.

Forward enhances continuity of care by streamlining the process of information sharing, while offering time-saving efficiencies for both patients and providers. Designed for ease of use, it supports patient and referring physician access through a provider Web site, patient portal or patient e-mail link, and allows onsite review of all information before transmission to the endpoint system.  All data communication is HIPAA-compliant with two-factor authentication. The information collected through the product is stored in the FHIR standard.

“Today, patients often must carry medical records from multiple providers to a hospital or physician’s office,” said Varun Anand, co-founder of MphRx.  “If they neglect to bring this information, imaging exams may have to be redone at significant added cost to the healthcare system. Records may be incomplete, potentially compromising quality of care.  Forward is designed to make healthcare information sharing simple and convenient for both patients and referring physicians, while streamlining workflow for the receiving facility.  All that is required to send information is a computer and a standard Internet connection.”

At RSNA, the system will be demonstrated in the booths of Agfa Healthcare and Dell.

For more information, visit MphRx.