A new bill in Michigan would establish training requirements for individuals using radiation machines for human screening and for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. House Bill 4869 would direct the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to implement performance standards, an initiative that has earned support from the Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists (MSRT).

State law currently requires limited training for technologists working with mammography and computed tomography equipment, but no similar standard exists for radiography, fluoroscopy, and radiation therapy. As a result, personnel can be hired and perform procedures with no formal education or training in medical radiation safety, patient positioning, or radiologic science.

“Michigan’s residents would be surprised to know that the state has very limited standards in place for the personnel who administer ionizing radiation during medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures,” said Cindy Kramer Reskze, president of the MSRT. “Medical radiation can be dangerous if administered incorrectly, so it’s crucial that we have basic training standards in place for the individuals who operate the equipment and work so closely with patients who depend on them for a safe exam or treatment.”

The bill was introduced by Rep. Ben Glardon and is currently awaiting a hearing with the Committee on Health Policy. If passed, it would amend parts of the state’s public health code.