Barco, a visualization manufacturer, and Mammography Education Inc are collaborating on a series of continuing education sessions to teach radiologists how to detect early-phase breast cancers. László Tabár, MD, a digital mammography specialist who has taught hundreds of mammography courses internationally, will provide instruction. This is his first collaboration with Barco in the United States.

The two workshops, “Hands-On Digital Mammography Screening” and “Multimodality Approach to Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases,” will include include case-based discussion and hands-on training using Barco equipment. Barco has provided its Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP and Coronis 5MP Mammo dual-head display systems and the Conference CloneView software tool for the training.

Early detection of breast cancer has been associated with lower mortality rates from breast cancer. “We are providing clinicians with a live, hands-on experience to help them sharpen their reading techniques using the best digital mammography viewing stations on the market,” Tabár said. “By equipping radiologists with the skills to find cancers at their earliest stages – and recognize the full spectrum of normal breast images – we hope to minimize call-back rates without missing malignancies.”

For more information, visit Barco. To register for a course, visit Mammography Education.