The American College of Radiology and Image Wisely, a national campaign aimed at lowering radiation dose and eliminating unnecessary procedures, have released the second Image Wisely Radiation Safety Case. Dose Management in Endovascular Image-Guided Neuro-Interventions is a collection of free, online educational modules to help bring radiologists, technologists, and medical physicists up to speed on concepts like dose monitoring and optimization.

“While interventionalists are focused on treating the patient, they must remain conscious of the dose that the patient is receiving and understand how they can reduce the radiation delivered without compromising the outcome of the procedure. The basic principles and methods described in this radiation safety case, such as dose spreading and use of collimation, are applicable to most interventional vascular procedures and can be effective in reducing the peak skin dose as well as stochastic risk,” said Daniel Bednarek, PhD, coauthor of the case.

Six radiation safety cases are presented throughout the year that include embedded questions, references, and resources. Continuing education credits are available to participants who complete a post-instruction quiz and evaluation.

For more information, visit the Image Wisely Radiation Safety Case.