TeraMedica Inc, announced that its Evercore Clinical Enterprise Suite is now available through EMC Select, a program that helps customers acquire components that comprise information infrastructure. TeraMedica’s Evercore Clinical Enterprise Suite provides vendor neutral architecture for hospitals and health care systems implementing a clinical lifecycle management strategy. It integrates and manages patient-centric clinical content in the clinical and research settings across wide geographies, including standard DICOM objects.

Evercore’s Smartstore module natively manages and distributes non-DICOM data. Using global standards such as MPG, JPG, PDF, and other non-standard, critical content formats such as treatment plans for cancer care or vital reports, Evercore provides unrestricted medical image management.

TeraMedica¹s Univision module provides a multi-layer, zero-download image viewer, with seamless integration to any EMR/EHR/PHR/RHIO. Together, the EMC security and data availability portfolio and TeraMedica solution provides customers with the ability to protect, distribute, and provide availability to all images across the health systems enterprise.