According to the American College of Radiology, there are approximately 30,000 practicing radiologists in the United States. They are hard at work at hospitals, in imaging centers and in private practices across the country. In addition, thousands of dedicated radiologic technologists and administrative personnel go to work every day at imaging facilities. The collective goal of these clinicians and professionals is to deliver the best possible patient care.

Together, these professionals make up a vital community: The medical imaging community. Your community.

And yet, all too often we hear the negative news. Small practices are losing contracts to teleradiology companies. Imaging centers are closing their doors in this tough economic climate. No doubt, business challenges exist and always will. But even so, many radiology facilities are not only surviving, they are thriving.

At Axis Imaging News, we thought it was time to celebrate the positive and demonstrate that the radiology community is going strong. That’s what Axis Imaging News Best of 2011 Radiology Facilities is all about.

We asked our readers from facilities across the nation to tell us about their commitment to excellence and best practices. We invited them to tell us what makes them unique and sets them apart. Those who responded are included in these pages. You’ll find facilities large and small. You’ll find those that specialize in radiology and others that subspecialize in areas like women’s imaging or interventional radiology. Most importantly, in the following pages, you’ll find your colleagues, your community, and an overriding commitment to excellence.

We hope you enjoy Axis Imaging News Best of 2011 Radiology Facilities.

Marianne Matthews

Marianne Matthews