productHigh-Speed Printer
Mitsubishi Digital Electronics’ Medical Imaging Products (Irvine, Calif) has introduced the high-speed, high-resolution P-93W Monochrome Thermal Printer. The P-93W incorporates a high-density 325 dpi thermal head and resolution of 1,280 by 500 pixels. The compact and light system is designed with a thin printing mechanism that sharply reduces the required amount of installation space. The P-93W prints up to six sizes, including normal, side (landscape), multinormal, multiside, square (1:1), and expand (x0.5 to 2.0). It also features a print speed of 3.3 seconds per sheet for normal-size paper (3.9-inch by 3-inch image).

For more information, please call (888) 307-0309 or visit the company’s Web site at

productPrecision Test Patterns
Video Instruments (Xenia, Ohio) is debuting the PatternPro, which provides 24 precision test patterns to check operating parameters such as grayscale, resolution, scan linearity, luminance, and color balance. It includes VuCue software that allows quick easy-go–no-go quality assurance checks and keeps a log of quality assurance testing for certification of imaging quality. No further quality assurance consideration is necessary except for review of the log to obtain and document operational history. PatternPro also comes with Display TuneUp, a step-by-step procedure for quickly evaluating image quality with the VI Combination pattern.

For more information, contact Video Instruments at (937) 376-2802 or visit its Web site at

productDry Medical Imager
Codonics Inc (Middleburg Heights, Ohio) is showcasing its new dry medical imager, the Horizon. The Horizon features a dry film imager, color imager, and grayscale paper printer. The system outputs diagnostic-quality images on 14-inch by 17-inch or

8-inch by 10-inch film available in blue and clear base. It also prints color and grayscale images (with no operator input) on paper in a variety of sizes. The Horizon requires 2 feet of desk space and weighs fewer than 80 pounds. It holds three input cassette trays that accommodate 300 sheets of dry film or color paper in any combination of sizes.

For more information, contact Codonics at (440) 243-1334 or visit the company’s Web site at