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Updated Digital Dictation Technology from Philips Speech Processing

At the end of February, Philips Speech Processing, Atlanta, introduced its next-generation digital dictation solution, the Digital Pocket Memo system. The handheld recorder has been redesigned and ergonomically enhanced; it offers the same functions as earlier versions, including voice activation and mandatory keyword commands, along with new features. The ergonomic display is the largest available and can be operated using three ?smart buttons? akin to those on a mobile phone. An optional LAN docking station automatically uploads dictation to a LAN without a PC connection, and dictation is automatically encrypted in real time. A secure PIN activates the device, bolstered by a personal user keyword that allows IT staff or supervisors to override the lock-out mode when necessary. The battery can be charged through a USB socket in less than 21?2 hours, and sound quality is maintained through upgraded Digital Speech Standard files and SpeechExec Pro software.

Web: www.dictation.philips.com
Phone: (888) 260-6261

Angiography Drape from Kimberly-Clark

The Impervious Extra Long (XL) femoral angiography drape from Kimberly-Clark Health Care, Roswell, Ga, delivers the fluid control required for diagnostic and interventional procedures performed in the cardiac catheterization lab and interventional radiology lab. The drape features a film layer, offering impervious protection against blood and other bodily fluids as well as dyes, heparin, and saline solutions used for irrigation, contrast, and cleaning. It also offers extended length and low-lint, abrasion-resistant fabric reinforcement to minimize the risk of lint particles adhering to guide wires, catheters, or stents. The drape is part of a line including MicroCool breathable impervious surgical gowns and Ultra nonreinforced surgical gowns with Secure-Fit technology.

Web: www.kchealthcare.com
Phone: (800) 528-5591