Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, a not-for-profit, Level III trauma organization supporting four hospitals in Montana, has selected Merge Healthcare to provide a vendor-neutral archive (VNA) and interoperability solution. The iConnect Enterprise Archive, Merge’s VNA, will enable Bozeman to integrate data within its network to improve patient care. The iConnect Access platform also allows Bozeman to transport, view, and exchange patient data from any Web-enabled device.

“Our providers previously relied on incoming CDs, which were imported to PACS, and accompanying reports had to be scanned and manually matched to the accession number,” said Kelly Syvertson, PACS Administrator at Bozeman Deaconess. “We estimated that 60 percent of the information on these CDs was incorrect. Now, we will be able to move away from this manual process using Merge’s interoperability platform. We’re excited about this collaboration and look forward to identifying additional areas of improvement to further position ourselves for future regulation and technology changes, including HIPAA policy and archived data.”

For more information, visit Bozeman Deaconess and Merge Healthcare.