Barco has released a new diagnostic display for breast imaging, the company has announced. The Coronis 5MP LED includes a low-power LED backlight and tools to reduce screen noise and ensure DICOM consistency.

“Coronis 5MP LED combines the best features of Barco’s successful Coronis 5MP and Coronis 5MP Mammo display systems,” said Lynda Domogalla, VP of product marketing for Barco’s healthcare division. “But most importantly—just like all of Barco’s new diagnostic displays—the Coronis 5MP LED has been redesigned to offer multiple clinical, operational, and financial benefits.”

The Coronis 5MP offers a standard calibrated luminance of 600 cd/m², while the I-Luminate hot light feature allows radiologists to temporarily boost display brightness up to 1200 cd/m². The Per Pixel Uniformity tool removes screen noise, and the I-Guard photometer on the front of the screen is designed to improve breast screening image quality.

For more information, visit Barco.