Median Technologies, based in Sophia Antipolis, France, has launched ImageBank. This service offering extends Median’s imaging contract research organization business with enhanced medical image collection and storage capabilities for cancer centers involved in Phase I oncology studies.

Median’s ImageBank enables sponsors to collect and hold medical images, making those images available for potential radiological assessments during or after the conclusion of clinical research.

“Phase I cancer centers often are asked to provide medical images after trials start to further evaluate cancer evolution in patients,” says Nicholas Campbell, chief commercial officer at Median Technologies. “It can be difficult to access images retrospectively, or during the trials, if the appropriate retrieval infrastructure hasn’t been implemented from the start. We have designed ImageBank to fill this gap with a proactive, cost-effective solution for potential image review during or after Phase I studies.

Campbell adds, “ImageBank helps cancer centers anticipatesponsor requests for image reads. From a sponsor perspective, image analysis in Phase I studies is an important tool to make a first assessment of the drug efficacy and enable faster go, no-go decisions.”

Using ImageBank, medical images are transferred electronically in real-time from cancer centers to a secured database where images are stored and ready for analysis at any time. Based on Median’s experienced network of radiologists, on-demand reads using appropriate assessment criteria can be provided. ImageBank solution is available for Phase I worldwide.