Cheering_2Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc recently announced additions to its educational offerings, providing better preparation for real-world clinical situations and offering access to industry resources and accreditation opportunities.

WIDI is an all-new teaching and consultative tool that mirrors how radiologists work with realistic clinical scenarios and scans in an online portal. Through a series of videos and interactive trainings, WIDI helps clinicians improve clinical observations and conclusions to form high-quality radiology reports. During difficult exams, WIDI can also help provide real-time guidance for better outcomes. Developed in conjunction with University of Florida’s College of Medicine, the virtual program provides a more cognitive and higher level of learning than currently available with textbooks or case libraries.

“We developed this innovative digital education tool to combine the strengths of modern technology with the best evidence-based educational theory to give a learning experience that is unique, flexible and asynchronous,” said Anthony Mancuso, chairman, department of Radiology at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine. “WIDI is designed to work with UF’s interactive radiology classroom teaching aid, RadTree, and our simulation testing developed in conjunction with the American College of Radiology, WIDI Sim, to establish competency in real-life scenarios. In addition, by using the consulting feature of WIDI, the diagnostic radiologist can focus on a particular case and understand how to quickly generate a high-quality report.”

Toshiba is also broadening access to accredited courses through its exclusive partnership with Medlantis. All courses will now be CE-accredited in addition to the currently available CME accreditation, broadening the educational opportunities for clinicians.

“We put customers first and view education as a daily, long-term commitment,” said Sharon Yoon, senior director, Training and Education, Toshiba.  “Our partnership with Medlantis, as well as an improved interface and specialized media servers for the Toshiba Learning Center, lets us go beyond clinical applications and equipment training to provide education that is relevant and valuable to clinicians in their practice.”