Bothell, Wash.-based Fujifilm Sonosite announces that Kaweah Delta Medical Center’s Emergency Department has gone live with Sonosite Synchronicity, a comprehensive point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) workflow solution. Sonosite Synchronicity software helps point-of-care clinicians meet administrative challenges by enabling standardized remote workflows related to credentialing, quality assurance (QA), and coding, while ultimately improving patient care.

Maintaining efficiency in an unplanned work environment like an emergency department is no easy task. “On day one go-live, our staff could use Synchronicity. It was easy to use and intuitive,” says John Hipskind, MD, FACEP, point of care ultrasound director for the emergency department at Kaweah Delta in Visalia, Calif. “Because Synchronicity has a shallow learning curve, our emergency and off-service residents like surgery residents can do an ultrasound with minimal assistance. The study becomes part of the patient’s chart, they’re reviewable and can be coded. This is important for both residency programs and accredited trauma centers.”

Successful implementation of an emergency department point of care ultrasound program requires seamless hospital integration and remote workflows. “It provides for better information transmission across the board,” says Doug Leeper, vice president and chief information officer at Kaweah Delta. “Not only does it allow us to more effectively use ultrasound, which is better for patient care, it allows to responsibly capture revenue as an organization.”

Kaweah Delta Medical Center Preliminary Exam Volumes

MonthED VolumesPOCUS Billing
June 2020-16%+350%
July 2020-13%+160%
August 2020-21%+143%

Sonosite Synchronicity workflow software, which was developed in close collaboration with Fujifilm’s leading enterprise imaging division, is designed to help healthcare organizations optimize workflows, maximize financial return, improve quality assurance efficiency, and streamline credentialing processes.

“Quality assurance (QA) is real-time with Synchronicity. QA was cumbersome and delayed with our previous POCUS workflow system. With Synchronicity QA feedback can be provided rapidly and emailed with one click,” Hipskind says.

“The implementation and customer support from Fujifilm Sonosite has been comprehensive and collaborative,” Hipskind says. “With any new system roll-out, minimal technical issues are to be expected. With Synchronicity, we had a smooth seamless go-live without disruption. I couldn’t ask for a better partnership.”