Los Angeles-based MedInformatix has launched Wait in Car, a new mobile-friendly application that allows patients to wait in the safety of their automobiles for assigned medical appointments. The new app is intended to streamline the patient check-in and registration process while also providing a safe environment for healthcare workers and patients during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The onslaught of COVID-19 has created a healthcare environment unlike any we have ever seen,” says Pat McGonigle, CEO at MedInformatix. “This app is intended to relieve some of the strain, both operationally and from a medical safety perspective, for practice personnel and patients alike. Kudos to our technology teams for quickly mobilizing to offer this innovative service to MedInformatix customers.”

The Wait in Car app seamlessly integrates with healthcare facilities operating on the MedInformatix electronic health records and radiology information systems technology platforms.

On the day of their scheduled appointment, patients receive a mobile text message asking them to use a link to alert the facility of their arrival and to complete check-in requirements while they wait in their car; including screening questions pertaining to recent travel activity, coronavirus symptoms, or if they have come into contact with any confirmed or quarantined COVID-19 individuals. Inside the facility, medical personnel can review and track patient information in real-time as it is fed into the MedInformatix system. Once the patient successfully completes the screening questions and is ready to be received, the staff sends a follow-up text inviting the patient into the facility for their appointment.

For more information, visit MedInformatix.