d04a.jpg (16202 bytes)Magnetic Shielding Alloy Catalog
Magnetic Shield Corp. (Bensenville, Ill.) has issued its MG-7 magnetic shielding alloy catalog. It contains comprehensive tables of alloy properties, instructions for use, shield construction methods and part number listings. Included are details on the company’s NETIC S3-6 and CO-NETIC AA alloys, available in both sheet and foil, for stopping magnetic interference. For more information, contact Magnetic Shield Corp. at 630-766-7800, or visit its Web site at www.magnetic-shield.com.

d04a.jpg (16202 bytes)High-resolution Grayscale Monitor
Clinton Electronics Corp. (Rockford, Ill.) and Orwin Associates, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, are introducing the Model DS5100P High Resolution Gray Scale Diagnostic Display. An advanced microprocessor architecture provides an array of test patterns, multivendor calibration support, on-screen menu display of the user interface and status indications for wrong or no sync present. The DS5100P also has a built-in luminance sensor calibrating the black and peak luminance levels critical to maintaining full dynamic range. For more information, contact Clinton at 815-633-1444, or visit its Web site at www.clintonelectronics.com.

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