Radiology startup Chiasm has developed a platform that transforms the imaging diagnostic process of healthcare. Chiasm is designed to bridge the imaging gap for patients, giving full control of information to those who need it most. For imaging centers, it’s an online booking platform that allows patients to schedule appointments and follow ups quickly and painlessly, resulting in lower no-shows and higher retention.

The current US healthcare landscape makes it difficult for patients to access and distribute their own scans, resulting in lost information and diagnosis delays for their network of doctors. In a world dependent on fast results, this can often result in misdiagnosis. Treatment, especially with remote doctors, is bottlenecked on waiting for communication with radiologists. By keeping data in the cloud, it’s immediately at the fingertips of the patients and their providers.

Chiasm, founded by former Palantir machine learning engineer Rochelle Shen, with early employees Sabrina Singh and Josh Vorick, unlocks foundational patient rights to give people full control over their healthcare decisions. Sabrina, only 17, has previously worked on research at Solace Lifesciences, Convergent Research, and Lorentz Bio.

By booking directly with Chiasm’s radiology partners, patients get immediate access to their scans and results, and can share their information to gain secondary opinions and additional insights from a thriving ecosystem of healthcare services. Chiasm helps patients access medical opinions of brilliant minds across the country, not just those within driving distance.

The beta product is currently partnering with clinics within the California and New York areas. They look forward to helping others across the United States access their tool within the coming months.

[Source(s): Chiasm, Business Wire]