The collaboration aims to improve ultrasound contrast agent utilization and image resolution, streamline workflow, and enhance clinical benefits for users and patients.

Samsung Medison and Bracco Imaging, represented by their CEOs, Yongkwan Kim and Fulvio Renoldi Bracco, respectively, have endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the European Congress of Radiology 2024 in Vienna, Austria. The MoU aims to collaborate on advancing diagnostic ultrasound devices and contrast agents, focusing on research, development, and market exploration.

This MoU aims to combine the research, development, and market exploration expertise of Samsung Medison and Bracco Imaging. Collaborative research is being considered to advance diagnostic imaging protocols. Additionally, both companies will engage in global initiatives such as healthcare provider education and strategic events. The agreement also includes exploring opportunities in ultrasound-targeted contrast-enhanced drug delivery technologies in collaboration with pharmaceutical agents.

Samsung Medison and Bracco Imaging will collaborate on research to expand ultrasound contrast agent applications and improve image resolution across various specialties. The goal is to translate device capabilities into practical benefits for users and patients, including improved workflow. Moreover, Bracco Imaging’s diagnostic software will integrate with Samsung Medison’s ultrasound equipment to simplify image reporting for medical staff.

“Through this MoU agreement with Bracco and global collaboration, we will strengthen our capability in diagnostic ultrasound field, and create an opportunity to enter future ultrasound treatment field,” says Kim. “We are planning to increase diagnostic accuracy and expand applicable scope based on Samsung Medison’s various ultrasound clinical application techniques and AI solutions.”

Renoldi Bracco also spoke out about the deal, commenting: “It is truly exciting to usher in a new era of contrast agent utilization through our collaboration with Samsung Medison. I am optimistic that this agreement will lead to groundbreaking technological advances in practical treatment applications that will benefit our patients.”

Featured image: Samsung Medison CEO Yongkwan Kim and Bracco Imaging CEO Fulvio Renoldi Bracco endorsed a Memorandum of Understanding agreement.