Flywheel, a Minneapolis-based data management platform for medical research and collaboration, announces a partnership and enterprise license agreement with Malvern, Pa.-based Siemens Healthineers. Under the agreement, Flywheel will deliver a cloud-based research collaboration solution on the Siemens Healthineers teamplay digital health platform.

Rolling out first in North America, the teamplay collaboration solution will enable Siemens Healthineers and its research partners around the world to securely share data, algorithms, and expertise to drive innovation in medical imaging. Specifically, the combined research and collaboration solution will allow Siemens Healthineers collaboration teams to streamline communication, data sharing, and solutions development with their research partners.   

Healthcare innovation is increasingly dependent on data and multi-disciplinary collaboration. The Flywheel technology, powered by Siemens Healthineers’ teamplay digital health platform, provides a scalable product for conducting secured, collaborative research that involves imaging and related non-imaging healthcare data.

The solution streamlines the ability to share data and automate analytic workloads, as well as provides a broad range of tools to support curation of data for machine learning and other advanced analyses, including quality controls and image annotation workflows. Moreover, the underlying teamplay digital health platform provides extensive tools that comply with data privacy and regulatory standards.

“The Business Line MR at Siemens Healthineers works with hundreds of collaboration partners worldwide. That’s the reason why we initiated the project,” says Arthur Kaindl, executive vice president of MR. “We are excited to partner with Flywheel for the Siemens Healthineers imaging collaboration project. Flywheel provides a unique solution that addresses the challenges of multi-institutional healthcare research collaboration at scale. With the Flywheel solution built on the teamplay digital health platform, we are able to offer an exciting new suite of capabilities that will help Siemens Healthineers and our partners work together to advance medical imaging.” 

Travis Richardson, Flywheel’s chief product officer, also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “Based on our Flywheel solution, Siemens Healthineers is taking a big step forward in transforming healthcare research collaboration. We are excited to partner with the Siemens Healthineers team to provide the critical technology for such an important project.”