Subtle Medical’s AI-based technology now available in Australia and New Zealand through partnership with Getz Healthcare

Getz Healthcare Pty Ltd announces they have partnered with Subtle Medical—a U.S. based healthcare technology company—to distribute the Getz’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based software solutions.

Subtle Medical’s software solution, SubtlePET uses proprietary deep learning algorithms to de-noise low count PET images reportedly from up to 75% lower radiotracer dose and faster scan times. According to the company, SubtleMR uses increased sharpness and de-noising to improve the image quality on up to 60% faster MRI exams. Subtle’s AI-based technology is compatible across all PET and MRI scanner brands, makes, and models.

“We are thrilled to be expanding patient access to our AI solutions. Our goal is to not only make medical imaging safer and more focused on the patient, but also help imaging institutions and radiologists achieve higher quality imaging while running a more efficient operation. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with Getz,” commented Subtle Medical’s chief commercial officer, Josh Gurewitz.

James Simkins, CEO, Getz Healthcare, added, “We are excited to be partnering with Subtle Medical. We believe Subtle Medical’s software solution will bring tangible benefits to our customers and ultimately patients.”

“The possibility for Subtle Medical’s software solutions to improve efficiency and image quality while extending the life of existing imaging systems is a real game changer for radiologists and patients in need of access to imaging,” commented Kimberly Hill, Managing Director of Getz Healthcare Australia and New Zealand. “We are delighted to introduce this technology to Australia and New Zealand.”

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