Philips Healthcare, Andover, Mass, has purchased Shanghai Apex Electronics Technology, a Shanghai based manufacturer of ultrasound transducers. The acquisition targets the ultrasound emerging markets such as China.
“Strengthening our ultrasound capabilities in these markets is essential, as ultrasound is a critical yet affordable and mobile modality for early diagnosis and real-time imaging,” said Steve Rusckowski, CEO of Philips Healthcare, in the press statement.

Shngahai Apex isn’t the first acquisition for Philips in emerging markets. Philips recently acquired India-based Meditronics and Alpha X-Ray Technologies. In addition, the company also purchased Shenzhen Goldway Industrial, another Chinese medical device manufacturer, and VMI Sistemas Medicos and Dixtal, two Brazilian based companies.

To further support its medical markets, Philips has established an R&D facility for imaging systems in Suzhou, China and acquired the health care informatics company Tecso Informatica in Brazil.

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(Source: Press Release)