Siemens’ Financial Services unit has released a new report, conducted by the independent organization MindMetre Research, indicating that financing is playing an increasing role internationally for healthcare organizations seeking to acquire new equipment.

Among the top 40 global medical equipment manufacturers, almost 70% identified an increase in the demand for healthcare equipment financing among their customers over the last 2 years. The portion of medical equipment acquired via financing has grown 6.9% annually over that same period, and more than 60% of respondents expected the trend to continue over the next 2 years.

“Healthcare organizations around the world are laboring under increasing financial pressures,” said Chris Wilkinson, head of sales for healthcare and public sector for SFS in the UK. “Constrained budgets, however, should not compromise diagnostic and clinical efficiency and accuracy, which can only be maintained through continuous technology investment.”

With over two thirds of respondents noting budget constraints among their customers, more than 57% of respondents reported receiving requests for tailored financing from their healthcare organizations. The report also pointed to new trends toward evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership during the acquisition process. This methodology measures associated costs such as installation, service, life-time maintenance, and upgrades, and argues for revised financing techniques that embrace the entire financial burden of equipment replacement. An evolving “cost to use” model offers healthcare organizations an alternative to traditional ownership models.

“Using sustainable financing techniques such as asset finance, healthcare organisations can afford essential equipment upgrades and replacement to deliver better diagnoses and improved health outcomes despite budget pressure,” Wilkinson said.

Multiple interviewees from each respondent company participated in the interview process, with each subject holding responsibility for a region of the world or possessing a global remit.

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