Viztek is showcasing its new Exa EHR at the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, DC, August 10 – 13. The system is designed to facilitate the exchange of information for radiologists and technologists by integrating the EHR and PACS.

“To genuinely improve patient care, the technology behind healthcare solutions cannot only be innovative in and of itself—it must be developed to also innovate its usability and encourage adoption by those delivering care,” said Steve Deaton, vice president of Viztek. “Exa is designed for ease-of-use for radiologists, with functionalities to efficiently manage workflow data without overwhelming their screens and easy access to PACS through a clickable link within the EHR.”

Exa allows radiologists to view full patient charts from the EHR to inform their diagnoses, while eliminating the need to log in separately through the PACS or toggle between windows. An intelligent linking feature prevents physicians from manually searching for outside comparison images, and the system is accessible via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Exa meets Meaningful Use criteria with its data placeholders and ability to import patient charts from other EHRs for display.

“Along with patients and physicians, we have kept facilities top of mind with the development of Exa as well,” Deaton said. “Modalities such as PET/CT or breast tomosynthesis are more important than ever for facilities to provide for patients, with each usually receiving its own dedicated workstation separate from PACS. Exa provides viewability for images from nearly any modality—all on a single system.”

Exa can replace deteriorating workstations for savings in both cost and physical space. Its web-based system deploys server-side rendering, reducing the need to push DICOM data to each viewing workstation and minimizing IT overhead.

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