Sony Electronics’ Medical Systems Division displayed its line of greyscale monitors at AHRA’s 42nd Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, DC, August 10 – 13, 2014. Models on display included the LMD-DM50, LMD-DM30C, and LMD-DM30, which are FDA-cleared for use in Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) exams.

Designed for hospitals and imaging centers, the displays are equipped with Sub-Pixel-Drive technology to triple a monitor’s native resolution. The software allows the LMD-DM30 to output 9MP resolution, while the 5MP LMD-DM50 outputs 15MP resolution. In addition to providing detailed viewing of micro-calcifications in FFDM exams, the technology improves imaging for CR, DR, CT, and MR modalities.

The LMD-DM30C 3MP display is suitable for display of color and monochrome images such as PET/CT, nuclear medicine, cardiology, and ultrasound. The monitor offers full DICOM GSDF Part 14 conformance, automatic calibration, remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities, as well as high luminance, high contrast, and an integrated color calibration function. The LMD-DM30C is suited for medical imaging and radiology department PACS.

“Radiology administrators need high quality, reliable and cost effective equipment, and Sony’s monitors deliver in all of these areas,” said Lida Trupp, marketing manager for Sony Electronics’ Medical Systems Division. “Our expertise with innovative display technologies enables us to bring the optimal systems to radiology environment so that hospitals and imaging centers can enhance and streamline their imaging workflow.”

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