Mobile imaging providers create a combined company of medical imaging fleets

Modular Devices Acquisition, LLC (Modular Devices), a  provider of mobile imaging labs and mobile cleanrooms, has just announced its acquisition of Interim Diagnostic Imaging (IDI), a  mobile imaging company that serves the US markets. Modular Devices providingMobile and Modular Cardiac Cath and Interventional labs and the integration of Interim Diagnostics Imaging adds Mobile CT and Mobile MRI Labs to the product offering, creating a combined company of  medical imaging fleets.

President of Interim Diagnostic Imaging, Lynn Behrns says: “We look forward to combining forces with Modular Devices to become one of the country’s largest lessors of medical imaging suites.” With the support of Modular Devices, Interim Diagnostic Imaging can accelerate its growth strategy by adding more mobile labs to its already impressive fleet.

Greg Mink, CEO of Modular Devices, is equally excited about the acquisition: “The addition of Interim Diagnostic Imaging significantly increases Modular Devices’ fleet while providing diversification and improving our product offering. The combined company will now offer our customers a full range of medical imaging labs including catheterization, cleanroom, PET/CT, MRI, and CT. We are excited to better serve our customers and execute our expansion strategy.”

This partnership marks the second investment for Modular Devices within a 12-month period, and with this acquisition, Modular Devices is poised to increase their product offerings from mobile cath labs to cleanrooms and everything in between.

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