Monroe Township, N.J.-based Bracco Diagnostics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Bracco Imaging S.p.A., a global company in the diagnostic imaging business, and the Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI) announce the launch of the new SABI Bracco Mentorship Program, which aims to support the academic and professional development of SABI members throughout their careers.

A first of its kind, the SABI Bracco Mentorship Program offers an opportunity for diverse experience sharing and networking among imaging professionals from different backgrounds, institutions, and stages in their career. The objective of the program is to provide peer-to-peer mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching to interested mentees across a number of areas including leadership, strategy, and career development.

“As a long-time supporter of the Society for Advanced Body Imaging, Bracco Diagnostics Inc. recognizes that early and accurate diagnosis by skilled radiologists is the starting point of cost efficient and effective treatment of disease. Together, we have a common goal in the continued education and advancement of those radiologists,” says Cosimo De Pinto, senior vice president, sales and marketing, of Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

De Pinto adds, “Consistent with the BRACCO CARES educational initiative started during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the SABI Bracco Mentorship Program affords us yet another opportunity to help foster the radiologist community, and thereby advance patient care.”

To help support the imaging community which, due to the pandemic and cancellation of many in-person events, may otherwise not have had these mentorship opportunities, Bracco has pledged a three-year grant commitment and is the sole partner in the program’s development.

“It is a pleasure to be part of the SABI Bracco Mentorship Program, an initiative made possible through the generous support of Bracco that allows us to continue meaningful engagement with our early to mid-career members,” says Neil M. Rofsky, MD, MHA, co-chair of SABI Mentoring Committee. “Our program expands their capabilities beyond the typical ‘craft’ imaging skills, and emphasizes purposeful choices, responsibility, and enhanced communications. Participants are thus positioned to gain greater personal and professional satisfaction while favorably impacting their organizations.”

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