photoVideo Generator
Video Instruments (Xenia, Ohio) has released a new video generator, Model 893, which provides precision reference images for test and quality assurance of video displays. The user can select any one of 16 images (an image is the combination of pattern and scan rate and format) which have been downloaded from a personal computer. Model 893 features a front panel selector for video signal amplitude so that the user can check display luminance transfer characteristics for conformance to DICOM standards. The generator’s V.I. Pattern Master library contains a broad range of test patterns. For more information, contact Video Instruments at 800-962-8905 or visit its Web site, .

photoMid-range 1.5K portrait monitor
Siemens Display Technologies (Karlsruhe, Germany) has introduced a new mid-range, 1.5K portrait monitor, model SMM 21125P. The monitor
is capable of 1200-by-1600 resolution, with luminance levels up to 75fL using P45 phosphor. The SMM 21125P features a high-quality, 90 degree CRT for sharp corner and edge focus, and uniform resolution. It also contains automatic, internal calibration that keeps luminance settings stable over time. For more information, contact Siemens Display Technologies’ U.S. sales office at 303-664-5737, or visit it on the Web at