doctor_female_patientNew from iCAD Inc, Nashua, NH, is the iReveal breast density module, the latest addition to the company’s PowerLook Advanced Mammography Platform (AMP). The software is designed to deliver automated, rapid, and reproducible assessments of breast density to help identify patients that may experience reduced sensitivity to digital mammography due to dense breast tissue.

An estimated 40 percent of women in the US have dense breast tissue that may mask the presence of cancerous tissue in standard mammography. In women with dense breasts, mammography sensitivity is reduced to approximately 48 percent from an average of 98 percent.  According to the American Cancer Society, as breast density increases, the risk of developing breast cancer can also increase.

The advanced software program from iCad assesses breast density based on the range of categories established by the American College of Radiology’s Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System.

“The launch of iReveal is another example of iCAD’s commitment to meeting the ever-expanding needs of healthcare providers and patients in cancer detection and treatment,” said Ken Ferry, chief executive of iCAD. “This solution offers a standardized breast density measurement that eliminates reader variability and classifies density using the same factors considered by experienced radiologists.

“With the increasing support for the reporting of breast density across the US, there is a significant opportunity to drive adoption of iReveal by existing users of the PowerLook AMP platform and with new customers, which represents an incremental $100 million market opportunity over the next few years,” Ferry added. “Longer term, we plan to integrate the iReveal technology into our Tomosynthesis CAD product, which is the next large growth opportunity for our cancer detection business.”

The company’s PowerLook AMP platform is a scalable solution providing facilities with the ability to add a range of options in computer aided detection, lesion analysis tools, automated breast density assessments, quality assurance, and resource planning functionality.

For more information, visit iCad.

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