Healthcare Tech Solutions, a healthcare consulting group and the makers of DICOMSync, has entered into a partnership with DocPanel, a global innovator in providing subspecialized radiology coverage, to improve breast imaging workflows for imaging providers.

The partnership addresses the challenge facilities face displaying Legacy Hologic tomosynthesis studies in their PACS. Due to the limitations of most PACS not being able to display the multi-slice Secondary Capture Object (SCO) proprietary format, it is best practice to convert the SCO data to the industry standard Breast Tomosynthesis Object (BTO). DocPanel and HCTS have teamed up to provide breast imaging facilities with a reliable solution for converting the proprietary data, while securing subspecialty interpretations from fellowship-trained Breast Radiologists.

“DocPanel and Healthcare Tech Solutions make a powerful team. Our mission to improve patient care united when our teams came together to help a major client implement and deploy a solution that converts SCO to BTO images in under 24 hours,” says Mony Weschler, Chief Operating Officer at DocPanel. “This new capability is transforming care by eliminating delays and ensuring subspecialized interpretations for the best possible patient outcomes.”

SCO to BTO conversion can be performed for prefetching, importing outside studies, and image sharing.

“If you were an early adopter of Hologic Tomosynthesis for breast imaging, then you likely have some data stored in Hologic’s proprietary SCO format in your PACS or VNA. SCO to BTO can be used to convert a full archive or in an on-demand model in real-time, eliminating the need for expensive workstations,” says Keith Eklund, VP of Sales & Services at Healthcare Tech Solutions. “Clients sending studies to DocPanel are not only ensuring subspecialized interpretations, but can also take advantage of workflow optimization that is key to the success of an imaging business.”

[Source(s): DocPanel, PR Newswire]