Nio 5MP next generationBarco is slated to provide clinicians with the opportunity to measure their effectiveness at diagnosing breast cancer during the 2015 Society of Breast Imaging and American College of Radiology Breast Imaging symposium, held April 25-28 in Orlando.

The company’s latest mammography display systems will be featured during a new PERFORMS workshop, when radiologists will read sets of recent challenging screening cases. Clinicians will report their decisions about each case into the PERFORMS reporting application, which provides immediate feedback. Barco will supply 10 mammography workstations, featuring Barco’s dual Nio 5MP display systems and MDRC-2221 displays for the patient worklists.

“Our best-in-class diagnostic imaging technologies provide radiologists with a high-quality, reliable solution to help them detect breast cancer, especially at its earliest stages when lesions are very small,” said Lynda Domogalla, vice president, product marketing for Barco.

PERFORMS, a cloud-based educational self-assessment and training scheme, allows radiologists to explore case sets weighted with abnormal mammograms to build their diagnostic skills.

For more information on the PERFORMS sessions, visit the Society of Breast Imaging.

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